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Wisdom From The Crystal Skulls Oracle Cards

Wisdom From The Crystal Skulls Oracle Cards

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The Call of the Skulls.... Have you ever felt drawn to crystal skulls?  A certain fascination you cannot explain, that goes deeper than your love for ordinary crystals?

From disgust to utter passion, people feel very powerful emotions towards crystal skulls and very few are left untouched by them. If you are drawn to this deck my guess is that the skulls have got you under their spell. Receiving messages from the skulls is a blessing I want to share with everyone.

Skulls talk to you; they ignite your inner knowing, they heal, they clear away what n longer serves you - and most importantly they assist you in feeling whole again. 

Allow them into your life to open up to your messages from other realms, dimensions and Beings of Light. The Crystal Skulls are here in service to you and to Humanity - to help us through our journey on the Earth Plane.

The skulls photographed in these cards are from a collection housed in a World Heritage site and the largest Stone Circle in the world, making them and these cards, along with the energy of Avebury, truly remarkable to work with.

There are 46 beautifully photographed cards of the skulls which come complete with an accompanying book explaining their meaning to you.

They come in a hard presentation box which measures 13.5cm x 10cm x 3cm

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