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British Druid Order/Greywolf

Druidry Workshop with The British Druid Order


Thursday 9th May - Finding your Divine Power Within Workshop/Soul Retrieval. 

We are all part of the same divine energy. We ARE that energy. We have all knowledge, insights, power & healing talents that we need to go through this life in abundance. However, just before we came here, we agreed that we would forget who we are. Forget that we have and are all that is. We agreed to grow up and believe what we were told by the people near to us. This workshop is about letting go of those old Belief Systems and reclaiming your true Divine Powers.

For more information about this event, please click here.


Friday 10th May - Chakra Dancing

Chakra Dancing is a wonderful, non-choreographed, dance where we move through our seven major chakras (energy wheels), allowing our vital life force energy to flow freely through our bodies, hearts and mind, optimising our health and well-being. It is suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness. £8 per headIf you would like to come, please book,  by contacting Hilary Swift, on 07976 184 189, or emailing me at  Click here for more information about what to expect from this wonderful experience.


Sunday 12th May - New Lemuria Calling & Sacred Healing Flames inner journeys with ANKARA

Join Ankara as she gives you an overview of each of the 7 Sacred major flames, their attributes and how each one can assist you in a most profound, healing way. To balance and master these sacred energies within our life-stream is understood to be key to the Ascension process and achieving a life with love, ease, grace and mastery. Be prepared for a magical and deeply healing experience as you journey to the sacred flame temples where you have the opportunity to attune to and receive blessings from the Elohim, Archangels and ascended masters of the sacred flames. You will also learn about the associated Chakras and much more. 11am - 4pm. £10 (morning only) £20 (afternoon 1:30 - 4pm only). Please contact Ankara for cost of the entire day. Booking is essential by contacting Ankara at You can also click here for an in depth look at the event.

Saturday 25 May from 10.30am
Chakra Wisdom Tarot Deck with Tori Hartman

Tori Hartman talks about Chakra Wisdom Tarot Deck
"Fantastic!! What a Godsend. These cards and accompanying stories are so accurate, it's mind blowing. It has helped me to do tons of healing and release. " ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Tamara Powell, Good Reads

Watkins Bestselling Author, Tori Hartman will be at the Henge Shop on talking about her new amazing Chakra Wisdom Tarot Deck and signing copies too. Don't miss your opportunity to tap into the wisdom of this amazing deck and its gifted author.


Sunday 9th June - The Heart of Lemuria, Sacred Healing Flames inner journeying & Ascension Ceremony with ANKARA

Join Ankara as she helps you hear the wisdom and offers guidance to delve into the practice, step by step, of the Lemurian Heart; the heart of the Divine, which begins with the return to our origins of consciousness. It is now the time to take back the ‘Torch’ in service to mother earth and all; awaken ancient memory; restore the gifts of divinity and mastery; develop self-luminosity and see the blessed light of mother earth shine with her song joined with the music of the spheres. 10:30 - 4:30pm. £44 . Booking is essential by contacting Ankara at You can also click here for an in depth look at the event.


Thursday 20th June - Solstice Celebration of Light

Join Elizabeth Martin for a wonderful Summer Solstice retreat beginning at 5pm on Thursday 20th where you will take part in a light activation crystal sound healing meditation before joining the Solstice Celebrations within the Stone circle staying for as long or as little as you would like. Friday 21st begins by watching the Solstice sunrise and after that, taking in the energies of the Stone Circle itself. Please click here for more information and to book your place. 


Friday 21st June - The Longest Day

Join us as we celebrate the Longest day with:

  • Book Signing with Adrian Incledon-Weber - Healer, Dowser & author of "Heal your home", "Earth Spirits" & "Intuition" from 10am
  • Book Signing with Rosie Anderson - author of "The Lost Key" & "Songs of the Trees" from 10am
  • Tarot & Dragon Oracle Readings with Caroline Mitchell from 12:30pm (to book an appointment please contact us on 01672 539229 or drop-in on the day)
  • Fire Dragon Ceremony with Caroline Mitchell at 6:30pm - space must be booked in advance by contacting Caroline at
  • Workshop - To be confirmed

Saturday 27 & Sunday 28th July - Crystal Healing Level 1 Course with Philip Permutt

Crystals have a wonderful natural energy of their own. They are easy to work with for self-healing, self-development and treating clients. Lead by Philip Permutt, this weekend workshop is certified, and involves discussions and practical work with crystals, how crystals work, what crystals so and how to work with them. You will also explore the many ways that crystals link to other therapies such as Reiki. £185 per person. Please click here for a more in depth description of the course and to book your place. 


Sunday 8th September - Light Activation with the Lady Masters, to reveal and awaken the Higher Frequency Chakras

Join Ankara for an intensive day of inner journeying and downloading the higher frequencies of light and sound through deep attunement to these guardians of the higher portals and to have revealed and activated the higher frequency Chakras, beyond the 7 major centres. 11am - 4:30pm. £62 (concessions apply). Booking is essential by contacting Ankara at You can also click here for an in depth look at the event.


Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd September - Karen Kay & Friends present, Avebury Fae Weekend

For those of you who have been following the fabulous Karen Kay, you will have been aware that she has been advertising her wonderful Fae event - taking place here at The Henge Shop - since before Christmas! 

Join Karen Kay the Fairy Lady and friends for a magical fairy weekend in Avebury on Sat 21st and Sun 22nd September 2019. This weekend will mainly consist of fairy workshops and spending time in the stones etc. The schedule of events taking place is still in development so do watch this space! Click here for
More details about this exciting gathering and the people who will be attending, which will be announced in the coming weeks.