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The Secret History of Stonehenge

The Secret History of Stonehenge

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"The Secret history of Stonehenge" brings Maria Wheatley's discovery of a forgotten long headed civilisation who constructed Stonehenge Phase 1 as a spectacular celestial temple dedicated to a Goddess. They also raised Stonehenge phase II, the most iconic circle in the world, as a healing and oracle centre.

When the tall, round headed Beaker people came along, Stone was again transformed. Much later, the stone were defaced and stone settings buried that did not fit the accepted model.

In this new view of Stonehenge, Maria explored the "music of Gaia" - how earth energies that equate to musical intervals were skilfully woven into megalithic sites and temples worldwide. She unveils one of the most powerful forms of earth energy, the geodetic Magic Square and looks at how geomantic energies were utilised for seed enhancement to increase yield production. 

Guided by the ancients, the author unravels repressed history, earth magic, and uncovers much lost wisdom that is still relevant to us today.

Author: Maria Wheatley
Pages: 390
Format: Paperback

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