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The Cerne Giant - Landscape, Gods & the Stargate

The Cerne Giant - Landscape, Gods & the Stargate

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A groundbreaking work which finally demonstrates what the Giant represents, why he is positioned where he is on the landscape, and how he reflects not only the myths of the Ancients but also the heavens above.

The Giant is connected with Lugh, Baal, Osiris, Bran, Hercules, Gwyn ap Nudd, and with the constellation Orion and a mythical Egyptian Stargate.

The book also deals with landscape alignments and how the Giant is so perfectly positioned standing where he is; how the Giant was changed in appearance; ley lines; phallicism and fertility folklore; groundbreaking astronomical alignments; a local landscape horse and other hill figures; giants in folklore and myth; other local sacred sites and megaliths; all the possible candidates for the Giant’s identity; and finally, how he can be an icon for today.

Author: Peter Knight
Format: Paperback

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