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Pioneering Spirit

Pioneering Spirit

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Pioneering Spirit is true-life story about transformation, self-development and healing, showing how our past may hold the key to understanding and healing our present day life experiences. It began as a memoir of the author's mother, Joan Brownrigg, a gifted and highly respected natural healer who asked her to write her life story.

Writing about her parents and grandparents, the author connected with her pioneering ancestors who had left England, Scotland and Ireland to migrate to New Zealand and Argentina at the end of the 19th and early 20th centuries. She uncovered generational patterns and emotional trauma of separation and heartbreak from leaving their homelands and became aware these were affecting her own life. Inspired by her mother's healing ability, she developed her gift as a healer and trained in Colour and Energy Healing which took her on an inner journey to release the emotional wounds of her past and help heal the ancestral timeline.

Author - Jeanine Brownrigg

Format - Paperback

Pages - 224

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