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Lost Legacy (The Skull Chronicles 1)

Lost Legacy (The Skull Chronicles 1)

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A beautiful young woman is entombed alive as a sacrifice to angry gods.... A temple priest embarks upon a desperate flight across a hostile landscape deep in the heart of a lost continent....In the possession of each, a sacred crystal skull.

England 2012: With her life falling apart around her, Gemma Mason's sleep is increasingly disturbed by vivid images of Crystal Skulls, golden cities and star travellers. Dreams that tell of courage, danger and heartbreak, and in which the future of the human race itself is at stake. As these dreams unfold, she realises she has been chosen to share and ancient knowledge, one that will have repercussions for the whole of humankind. 

Reluctantly she accepts her destiny and finds herself plunged into the forgotten history of an unknown world where myth and legend suddenly become irrefutably real. It is a journey that calls into question everything Gemma has ever believed to be true and demands that she faces her own deepest fears. For she is being asked to share with the world the shocking secret of our forgotten past, a secret that will change forever the way we look at ourselves and our place in the universe. But are we ready to hear such a truth?

Author: D K Henderson
Format: Paperback
Pages: 318

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