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Butcher, Baker, Saddlemaker

Butcher, Baker, Saddlemaker

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Butcher, Baker, Saddlemaker - Village Life in Avebury from 1920 - 1974                           By Marjorie Rawlins

''She's writing tales of long ago, of times we can't remember,                                               Of childhood days round Avebury stones, from January through December.

Times have changed, the tourist reigns supreme,                                                                  In Marjorie's words we can relive, the times as they have been.''

This poem was written by Marjorie's sister-in-law when she first started writing about her memories of village life in Avebury and sums up what this book is all about. Marjorie came to live in Avebury as a child and just after the First World War. Through her eyes we see what growing up in a Wiltshire village was like; the village characters and the businesses they ran; we see the games the children played and how they made their own entertainment. Then, with the excavation of the prehistoric stones, Avebury was changed not only visually but also as a community.

With so many rich memories it is hardly surprising that Marjorie can conjure up the colour and bustle of a bygone age and transport us all back to the Avebury of long ago.

This charming book will delight all fans of Avebury.

Type: Paperback

Size: 16.5cm x 23.5cm

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