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Avebury Stone Circles Stained Glass Window Transfer

Avebury Stone Circles Stained Glass Window Transfer

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Avebury Henge is a World Heritage site containing three stone circles. Archeologists  estimate that the circles were constructed over several hundred years in the third Millenium BC, during the Neolithic era (the New Stone Age) however, they may be older than that.  

The Henge comprises of a large bank and a ditch (a henge) surrounded with a large outer stone circle and two separate smaller stone circles situated inside the centre of the site. There is also an 'avenue' of stones leading to West Kennet, the remaining one of two 'avenues'. The main stone circle at Avebury is the largest of its kind in Europe and the Avebury is the only village in the world situated inside a stone circle.

Its original purpose is unknown, although it is believed that the Avebury Stone Circles were most likely used for some sort of ritual or ceremony with the settlement residing nearby on Windmill Hill.

This transfer is self-clinging and easy to reposition. Simply peel off and stick on a clean window.

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