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A New View of the Rollright Ring

A New View of the Rollright Ring

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Exploring ancient mysteries, this thought provoking book takes a deep look at the Rollright stone circle through the eyes of a Master Dowser. Discover many diverse forms of ley lines and earth energies amid this megalithic complex. You will discover the Spook Road, strange radiation levels, bizarre reports of manifestations and apparitions. Also, explore nearby sites such as the Whispering Knights dolmen and the King Stone as well as the Esoteric Centre of England. At the back of the book you are given dowsing instruction so that you can find the hidden and invisible energies at Rollright, such as earth voltages, with a dowsing rod or pendulum. Additionally, for those that like to explore the landscape you will discover holy wells, Druidic Iron Age ceremonial centres, hill forts and other mystical and historical sites making this a must have book.


Author: Maria Wheatley 
Format: Paperback

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