New Products!

New Products!

Written by Trudy.

We have just had a gorgeous delivery of some new products that I just had to share with you all!  

Dark Forest:

The first collection we have is the Dark Forest collection (which I am in love with <3). This includes notebooks, candles, mugs, tumblers, affirmation cards & more (some of which I will highlight below) 

This wonderful range depicts designs of mushrooms, Moths and Bees as well as incorporating the moon phases and other aspects of nature, such as leaves & flowers....there just something dreamy and mystical about the designs that draw me in. 

The candles come in 3 fragrances:- Wildberry with Toadstool design, White Sage with Lunar Moth design & Sweet Honey with Bee design. Each Candle comes in a cardboard tube style box and is made using vegan paraffin wax with a rough burn time of 25 hours.

They not only look amazing (the glass jars are purple (mushroom), Yellow (Bee) & Green (Moth) but they also smell amazing too - though I can't comment on how they smell while they are burning as I have not gone that far into the research (yet) I can say that they have a lovely non-artificial fragrance, which you can sometimes find in these type of fragrances, especially the white sage. 

The 500ml Plastic Tumbler comes with the straw and is perfect for those wishing to lead a more sustainable life - using more reusable items than single use plastics. Although it doesn't close, they are still handy to keep in the car or around the home. Mine personally stays here at my desk so I don't have to worry about bringing my own in all the time. 

These are hand wash only and are only suitable for cold drinks. 

The straw also comes separately wrapped (though I would still recommend just giving both the cup and straw a quick wash before using them for the first time. 

The Notebooks also come in a variety of designs, including the Lunar Moth (pictured), The Bee, The Mushroom and combination of the 3 like the tumbler above.

Each A5 notebook comes with 200 lined pages (lined front and back) which are accented by gold foil edges and include a ribbon marker. So whether you use it for journaling, manifesting, simply doodling or taking notes, or even gifting it to a friend, you can take a bit of the forest magic with you. 


We have 2 new journals that i also wanted to share with you as, again these would make a great gift either for yourself or a loved one. 

The first is the Gratitude journal. This beautiful A5 journal comes with 100 pages as well as a gorgeous Rose Quartz chip filled ballpoint pen. 

Each page gives prompts that allow you make note of daily affirmations, track what you are grateful for each day as well as things to be thankful for.

The fact that the Rose Gold pen comes with it and also has a handy elasticated loop to keep the 2 together just makes this the perfect gift for yourself or others. 

The second new Journal is the Manifestation Journal. Bound in black velvet, this sleek and elegant journal comes with an Amethyst chip filled ballpoint pen. 

With 200 lined pages (lined front and back), this is a perfect way to keep track of your hopes, dreams and intentions. 

Each lined page has the sentence "I write with intention to manifest my dreams" in the footer, allowing the author to truly feel what they are writing. 

These items above are just a small sample of the new and exciting products we have arriving. Others include:

  • Trinket Dishes
  • Crystal Sets
  • new Mugs
  • Incense Holders
  • Oil Burners & more........

I hope you like them as much as we all do here :) 

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