Little Book of Animal Wisdom - front and back covers

The Little Book of Animal Wisdom

The Little Book of animal Wisdom
by Naseem Ashun rrp £6.99

Power Animals

Shamans believe that everyone has power animals – animal spirits which reside with each individual adding to their power and protecting them from illness.You could liken this to a guardian angel who can also impart this protection too and may share similarities to a Power Animal's presence. A spiritual relationship can be made and are often but not always, met on a Shamanic journey or vision quest.

The outcome can show itself to you in the form of an animal such as a bird, cat or bear. Power animals do not have to be mammals and can be reptiles, insects or sea creatures. In this little book Naseem takes you on a journey with the power animals you may be in touch with currently or indeed in the future.

She does emphasise with life currently being so uncertain a power animal by our side can assist in paving the way to a better understanding at a deeper level; A knowing which incidentally lies deep within us. We just need to connect and to listen.

Naseem  invites you to practice the exercises in the book including meet your power animal and also how the Chakras are involved to get the best outcome for yourself. Having met Naseem at a book event I can without doubt recommend her as a worthy, genuine and insightful intuitive. You will find much joy in this book which may inspire you to take your personal journey further.

About the Author

Naseem Ashun, is an author and co-founder of Vision Maker Press.
She is also a radio presenter on Swindon 105.5 and Co-Presents The Outer Limits with Simon Monday.
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