Raising the Runes by Jeremy R.J White ✨

Raising the Runes by Jeremy R.J White ✨

Raising the Runes by Jeremy R.J. White

Jeremy's book is a personal record of his journey through the Elder Futhark Rune Stones after his life foundations literally fell apart around him.
Odin & the Runes came into his life to guide and reconnect him to our ancient lineage - each Rune held a story, a teaching, an insight and healing. All, he shares with the reader.
You too can walk with the Runes. They are keys to the mystical realms, which lie waiting for you to unlock. Your experiences will conclude with a unique journal of deep understanding and an inward journey of self-discovery.
Jeremy's book is well written with knowledge, emotion and humour. He doesn't hold back with his narrative, which I personally found refreshing. This book is not a Rune guide per se, but an individuals informative experience. That said, there is plenty to learn by reading his encounters.
Dive in, make or buy some Runes or join Jeremy's online course at www.jeremyrjwhite.com
Review by Jane Easton  🌺
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In “Raising the ” https://fontbots.com/runic-translator/ " >runes"uthor shares his experiences with the reader, and invites them to walk with the Runes as well. The book is well-written with knowledge, emotion, and humor, and doesn’t hold back with the author’s personal narrative. While not a traditional Rune guide, the book offers plenty to learn from the author’s encounters with the Runes.


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