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"Earth Chakras" by Robert Coon

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Earth Chakras book by Robert CoonReview by Jane Easton.

Earth Chakras are similar to the organs of the body, which in turn, contribute to the health of the world.
Each continent has an Earth Chakra on it. 
Each chapter within the book is described in detail, including the major sacred sites central to each Chakra. 
Further reading into the book, explains the energies described as a dynamic vortex - Chakras may be directing straight lines along Dragon paths, Ley lines or solo lines. All are connecting pathways - also known as arteries of the Earth. They connect each continental Earth Chakra to another. Due to ever changing movements of the moon and sun, the Earth Chakras then become affected; hence deciding at which time one should interact from one Earth Chakra to another. 
The four elements of earth, air, fire and water, in addition to the solar system affect the Chakras.
Every Chakra (of which there are 7) is individual in its ability to contribute to the worlds destiny. No Chakra acts in isolation to others and once it is understood how they interact with each other this then defines their function.
"Earth Chakras" covers in detail: the 7 Chakras, 2 Dragon circles, the primary functions, the 4 elements, the 12 foundation gates of the World, Earth Chakras and Lunar calendars. The other chapters go on to discuss the Earth activation cycles, special relationships and Chakra circles, relevant to the locations of geometric centres, world maps, self-healing and a history of Earth Chakras from 1967 to 2000. In addition, it gives information through the zodiac and lunar cycle, key dates up to and beyond 2027.
There is plenty of scope and suggestions and I would highly recommend for all who have an interest in Leys and Earth energies to read this book. 

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