Bobby the Long Eared Bat illustration with flying bat - book cover

Bobby The Brown Long-eared Bat

Bobby the Brown Long-Eared Bat
by Angela. S. Mills

Illustrated by Kate Wyatt £7.95


This book charters the journey of Bobby the Bat along with the guidance of this mother. From his birth on 21st June the Summer Solstice, it is a fascinating adventure of the life of a long-eared brown bat. The book is both entertaining and educational for children of all ages to read. There is also a very informative section towards the book which details the ‘Bat Facts’

If you purchase this book a contribution of 10% of the net proceeds will be donated to the Bat Conservation Trust.


Foreword written by Chris Packham

‘All bats are effective and superb predators and thus vitally important in making the world go around, but sadly many bat species are in very big trouble. We are using too many chemicals in the countryside and destroying too many of their homes. BATS NEED OUR HELP NOW!’

Angela Mills ~ author

Angela, a Biologist graduate, works freelance as a licensed bat ecologist and has worked on many administrative and ecological projects.

Kate Wyatt ~ Illustrator

Kate grew up in Dorset and with her continuing love of the countryside and wildlife her drawing and painting made her one of Britain’s best-loved artists. She is a supported of conservation and protection of Britain’s native species.

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