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Two-Thirds: A History of our Galaxy

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Two-Thirds: A History of our Galaxy


Two Thirds is a totally original work which was brought forth through a unique combination of research combined with advanced consciousness technologies by the American David Myers and the Englishman David Percy.


There is no escaping the march of time and as we move ever closer to the new millennium we find ourselves looking for answers about who we are, where we come from and indeed, where we are going. This inspiring book goes some way to answering these questions and more, as it takes its readers on a journey of discovery through time and space, providing a mind-stretching history of our galaxy. Although this book is in part science-based, drawing on physics and astronomy, it is also deeply philosophical in its exegesis of ideas. Two-Thirds takes the past as a guide to the future-showing how the secrets of our ancient structures such as Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx hold the key to the development of new energy and propulsion sources for the next millennium.

Age old mysteries are also discussed ranging in topics as wide as the Moon's links with the Earth's life source, the significance of the 'Face' on Mars and the importance of meditation. Revelations contained in the book led BBC News Science correspondent Dr. David Whitehouse to proclaim the research as "mind-blowing".

Two-Thirds reveals the history and origins of human beings, offering an explanation of the 'missing link' and "the linkage of sacred geometry, physics and mathematics to mankind's origins . . . is brilliant" [Aviation Informatics magazine].

Through this book, Aulis aims to share carefully guarded knowledge that is our inheritance and increase readers' understanding of our life and relationship to everything around us. We are now at a time when we ought to be opening our minds to totally new possibilities and looking seriously at unusual presentations of seemingly fantastic information.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 811

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