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The Medicine Garden

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The Medicine Garden


The Medicine Garden is an easy to use guide for making herbal remedies at home. The book encourages you to first look at the plants growing around you, in your garden and along the routes you regularly walk or drive.

Within the pages of this book you will discover the therapeutic benefits of the plants with which you share your immediate environment. You'll be amazed at the potential medicines you can find everywhere.

The Medicine Garden guides you through when to collect and how to preserve different plants; allowing you to confidently gather ingredients and create your own herbal preparations.

The book initially concentrates on plants that grow close to home beginning with culinary herbs, it then features plants commonly found in the lawn, flower borders and vegetable garden.

Later chapters cover plants found in hedgerows and beyond to include meadows, rivers, moorland and eventually the coast. The book features over 130 plants in all.

The Medicine Garden includes growing and harvesting tips for each plant along with step by step methods for making a variety of preparations; from tinctures and infused oils to salves and vinegars.

Format: Paperback

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