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Avebury Henge Shop : Celtic & Pagan products inside Avebury Stone Circle

Super Seven Crystal Point

** This is an absolutely stunning piece **
Also known as Melody Stone, Sacred Stone, Sacred Seven - Super Seven has the vibrations of all seven crystals making it a very high frequency stone. A must have to bring in high vibrations and protection. Super Seven is a potent healing ally, bringing protection, release of negative energy, emotions and past patterns, allowing purification of the soul enabling clarity, focus, creativity and prosperity. The very nature of this stone means it is not associated with any one chakra but has a balancing and harmonising effect on all of them.
The seven crystals which make up Super Seven are:
  • Amethyst - Healing, aids in curing emotional & physical pain, nervous problems, insomnia & nightmares, balances the Crown Chakra.
  • Cocoxenite - Positivity, has the ability to make good even better, opens spirituality and empowers the Super Seven to dispel all sorts of negativity.
  • Smokey Quartz - Alertness, aids focus, healing and protection. Enhances quality of becoming a good 'businessman' in an individual.
  • Clear Quartz - A powerful healer and known for amplifying and strengthening auras. Helps with the continuity flow of energy.
  • Rutile or Rutilated Quartz - Brings optimism, joy and harmony. Strengthens love, brings stability in love & relationships, mental balance and growth in spiritual aspirations.
  • Geothite - Aids in making clear cut decisions, concentration and focusing on the tasks ahead. Balances positive & negative energies.
  • Lepidocrocite - A quartz crystal which enhances intellectual ability. The energy of this crystal helps in making contact with angels and the guides of spirits at the time of meditation. It also provides sound thoughts and emotional grounding.

Height: 10cm

Width: 5.5cm (at widest part)

Depth: 3cm (across base)

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