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Standing Sarsen Stone with Fairy/Goddess Hole

Avebury Henge Shop : Celtic & Pagan products inside Avebury Stone Circle

Standing Sarsen Stone with Fairy/Goddess Hole


Individual mini Standing Sarsen Stone.

A stone with a naturally occurring hole through it is said to be a highly protective stone, sacred, magical and lucky.  There are many stories around this type of naturally formed holey stone.  It has many names: a ‘Hag Stone’, ‘Adder Stone’ ‘Holey Stone’, ‘Faery Stone’ ‘Seeing stone’, ‘Goddess Stone’ or ‘Odin Stone’

Sarsen Stone is found locally and is used in the construction of not only the Avebury stone circle (and later some buildings and walls you can still see today) but also the larger stones at Stonehenge.

Metaphysically, Sarsen is a stone of timing and endurance, which also provides a gentle grounding effect during meditation. This stone broadcasts a protective vibration and encourages resistance to things that no longer serve us.

Size: 9cm x 5cm

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