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PipEssence - Lemurian Light

PipEssence - Lemurian Light

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From our hearts to yours, this Light filled natural essence is filled with blessings and energies from star flowers, divine Lemurian crystals (new consciousness), Quartz platonic solids (memory activators) each vibration is stored within the waters from ancient Dartmoor. All facing East to greet the New Moon, in a triangle formation with the morning sun, and Venus. This is finished with the summer perfume from the delicate honeysuckle flower. These sacred droplets can assist you with embodiment of the new platinum and diamond white Light codes or can assist in creating clearings by supporting your astral body, so that it is easier to connect with your Soul. Alternatively, these droplets can be tapped into for bringing through your ancient/ future wisdom or discover new ways of being, whilst finding it easier on Earth (Star Seeds) with purpose.


Vibrational Contents:

Each 100ml bottle contains pure Dartmoor water, red shiso and glacial alcohol.

Crystal Vibrations: Five Lemurian Seeds crystals, Quartz Platonic solid of Earth and Water

Flower infusions: Rockfoil Saxifrage, Lithodora Blue Star

Sound Frequency: 663 Hz

Cosmic Occasion: New Moon in Gemini, facing East, with the Sun and Venus

Gridded: On a flower of Life where the Land meets the Sea

Fragrance: (less than 1%) Honeysuckle Fragrance Oil

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