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PipEssence - Felion

PipEssence - Felion

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This natural essence is about tapping into the wisdom of the animal kingdom, especially that of the cat family. When we connect in this shamanic way this in turn can create states of being calm, in balance, being resourceful and trusting on a deeper level. These nature connections can bring through subtle levels of awareness and sovereignty. Created on a powerful window of time known as the Lion’s Gate (which peaks on the eighth day of the eighth month – 8 meaning ‘infinity’). This astrological presence aligns with the heart centre and embodies the Leo traits of expression, strength and courage. With further layers of supporting and loving vibrations from the crystal energies, flower infusions, and Cat purring sound and vibrations (from our Buddha cat called ‘Wow’), and the 639Hz (for cellular communication and harmonious relationships), finished in the herby scented overtone of Nepeta Catania essential oil.



Each 100ml bottle contains Avalon Well Water and glacial alcohol as a preservative

Crystal Vibrations: Red, Gold, Blue Tigers Eye and Opal Aura Quartz

Flower Infusions: Crocosmia and Lycesteria Formosa

Sound Frequencies: Wow purring, 639Hz

Cosmic Occasion: South Facing during eight daylight hours during the peak of the Lion’s Gate (88)

Fragrance: (less than 1%) Nepeta Catania Essential Oil

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