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Pagan Art, Folk Art

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Pagan Art, Folk Art


Over the last twenty years, Karen Cater has become an artist whose work is much loved. ‘Pagan Art, Folk Art: Drawings, Painting and Lino-cuts’ charts her life from its very earliest beginnings (see Part 1). Equally if not more significantly,Part 2 of the book describes and analyses both her technical artistic development and her growing spiritual maturity as demonstrated through her art.

Karen’s art has a Pagan soul, mystical, but down-to-earth, encompassing the cycles of life and passage of the seasons, and deeply grounded in the landscape and wildlife, folklore and mythology of the British Isles. Here presented is the work of a lifetime, technically superb: these are designs that many have seen reproduced as cards, but which can now be appreciated in sumptuous large format illustrations as the real art they unquestionably are.

Format: Paperback

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