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I Will Give my Love an Apple - The Savernake Novels 4

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I Will Give my Love an Apple - The Savernake Novels 4

A long and icy winter. A village cut off by snow. A murderer is sealed in with them....The date is 1204
An injured man is discovered in the lane leading to the village in the forest of Savernake. However, the cold is not the immediate cause of his ills. He has been hit on the head and left to die. Aumary Belvoir Lord of Durley and warden of the forest sets out to discover the identity of the mystery man, for although he recovers, he can recall nothing, not even his own name. With him, death comes prowling. Aumary Belvoir, now the king’s constable must discover the murderer before another innocent is struck down. But what he learns rocks him to the core. Will he be able to bring himself to admit the truth before that cruel winter is the death of them all? Have you ever wondered what might be the story behind some of our most beloved ancient folk songs? This, the fourth in the series, offers a novel meaning to the gem that is 'I will Give my Love an Apple'.

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