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How to be a Shaman

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How to be a Shaman


This is a guide to contemporary shamanism, an ancient art that enlightens and inspires. It offers step-by-step instructions on how to be a shaman, including how to perform daily rituals, learning to dreamwalk, meeting your animal spirit guide and shamanic journeying.

It features practical projects include how to make altars and a stone circle, how to smudge and use herbs and incense, and how to work with your own dreams and journeys as well as including an accessible introduction to the history of shamanic thinking, and how its web of energy still has relevance in the modern world.

It is illustrated with inspirational photography and art, from ancient cave paintings to beautiful landscapes.

This book provides a modern interpretation of some of these historical tribal traditions, including those of the North American Indians, Inuits and Siberian tribes, and offers practical ways to interpret shamanic ritual and relate to the natural world. It gives information on how to become a shaman, how to journey to spiritual worlds by entering a meditative state and learning the techniques of dream interpretation. It also contains instructions on creating altars, visualizing sacred space and using smudge sticks, and creating and performing rituals that will connect you with the cycle of life and world of the spirit. With help on finding the solution to a problem, journeying for others, soul retrieval and visiting other worlds, this book offers a guide to the shamanic concepts of connection and wisdom.

Format: Hardback
Pages: 64

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