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CD - Avebury Soundscapes

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CD - Avebury Soundscapes


Avebury Soundscapes – the magic of Avebury in 3-D surround sound

5000 years old, the great stone circle of Avebury has a unique and magical atmosphere that cannot adequately be described with words or photographs, so writer and composer Steve Marshall has chosen to immerse the listener in mystical Avebury through sound.

With each of the 10 tracks relating to a different monument or aspect of the Avebury landscape, this transcendent album artfully combines electronic music, overtone singing, hypnotic rhythms and sounds of nature recorded within the Avebury landscape.

Steve lived close to Avebury for a decade, walking daily in its ‘sacred landscape’ of chalk downland, rivers and springs. His acclaimed 2016 book Exploring Avebury: The Essential Guide was the result of many years spent researching and photographing the area in all seasons.

This album by Steve Marshall features binaural recordings, so when played back through headphones (or many car stereos systems!) listeners will experience 3-D sound that appears to come from all around, above and below their head. The album will play as normal stereo on all other sound systems.

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