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Black is the Colour of my True Love's Hair - The Savernake Novels 5

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Black is the Colour of my True Love's Hair - The Savernake Novels 5

A gentle spring follows a wicked winter. But the kindly forest conceals a monstrous murderer...

The date is 1205

A hanged man is found in the newly greening forest of Savernake. Was it self-murder or something more sinister? Sir Aumary Belvoir, warden of the forest and the king’s constable is duty bound to investigate. Drawn to the nearby town of Marlborough and into the shady world of the local horse racing, Aumary wonders if this man is a victim of the uglier side of this sport. Gambling. Or is there some even nastier reason for his death? A newly married woman and a poor demented matron, fall prey to this monster. No one in the forest is safe; not even Aumary’s wife Lydia. Time is running out for the warden. The beast is getting closer.

Have you ever wondered what might be the story behind some of our most beloved ancient folk songs? In this tale, the fourth in a series based upon such songs, a sinister interpretation of Black is the Colour, is laid before the reader.

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