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Axis of Heaven

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Axis of Heaven


History relates how the Greenwich Meridian was established in 1675 and later became the Prime Meridian of the World. Over the last five years historical research has been undertaken by Paul Broadhurst and Gabriele Trso showing that the Greenwich Meridian existed long before its official establishment.

AXIS OF HEAVEN clearly demonstrates that this north/south alignment was laid out to symbolically line up with the still-point of the celestial sky, the North Pole, with Polaris being the closest star.

This link with the heavens was referred to as the Axis Mundi or 'World Axis'. The fascination with the seemingly unchanging still-point in the heavens around which the stars and all creation appears to revolve was at the heart of a polar cosmological tradition which gave rise to a rich body of starlore and mythology and is deeply embedded in the Arthurian legends and the Round Table of the Stars. In AXIS OF HEAVEN which is full of revelations you will find out why Kings and Queens, along with certain Secret Societies, sought to align themselves with Britain's Secret Axis of Power, that North/South Axis which we call today the Prime Meridian of the World.

Format: Hardback
Pages: 431

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