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Astro Moon Calendar 2024

Astro Moon Calendar 2024

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Astrocal lunar calendar for 2024 follows the seasonal cycle and features sacred sites in the moonlight. It shows the phases of the Moon each day, astronomical events and an astrological forecast for each month. The circular design shows the Moon phases set against the astrological wheel and encourages awareness of the lunar cycle as she ebbs and flows.

Includes a description and astrological interpretation of the months' planetary movements written by Tchenka Jane Sunderland. Readily accessible to beginner and experienced astrologer alike, Tchenka's lyrical writing brings the heavenly dance to life and imaginatively invokes the atmosphere created by it. An understanding of the dynamic of the starry template can help the individual to respond creatively to its tides of fortune whilst also lending a perspective of wisdom and depth to events happening in the wider world around us.  Space is provided to write daily appointments and to plan according to the Moon's phase and planetary movement.

Each month includes:
An astrological forecast
Moon's daily phase and sign
What can be seen in the night sky
Sun & Moon rise/set times
Retrograde and direct planets
Pagan fire festivals
Planetary sign changes
Planetary aspects
UK times - GMT/BST
Northern hemisphere
Month-at-a-glance format

Size: 30cm x 30cm

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