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The Henge Magazine

The Henge Magazine
FREE Summer Spirit Issue...

The Henge Magazine
Spring Awakening Issue...

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Spring Equinox heralds a time of fertility, growth and birth — an opportunity to explore new possibilities that feed your soul. In this first issue of The Henge Magazine, enjoy a wealth of experiences and insights from our contributors.

Consciousness & Communication

Journey the sacred paths around Avebury with Jeremy R.J. White, investigate this ancient temple with Robin Heath and tap into awakening consciousness with Rory Duff.

You’ll also meet the magnificent dragons with Caroline Mitchell and discover the gift of animal communication with Beth Lee-Crowther.

Deepen your knowledge of Wicca with our resident witches, Stuart and Dean James-Foy, and manifest your desires with practical guidance from intuitive, Candice Thomas. 

Dancing in Cosmic Circles

We also introduce the Cosmic Classroom with Sue Coulson, an exciting learning space based in the heart of Avebury Henge, and Ivan Brownrigg takes you on a transformational experience with the Tarot.

Spring is for dancing, so prepare to dance your soul awake with Ecstatic Awakening Dance Teacher, Rebecca Hanscombe.

Uncover the phenomena of crystal skulls with magazine founder, Philippe Ullens.
Plus, browse our reading room for insightful and inspirational books with Jane Easton, and learn about the meaning and beneficial uses of crystals with Trudy Gordine.