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Circle of Life Tarot

The circle of Life Tarot is a round deck of cards. Circles, themselves are important symbols. They represent cycles, a completed series of events. Our Earth revolves around the sun with four seasons and one complete rotation creates a whole cycle. Our lives also contain cycles as well. We are born, we grow and learn, we make our own way, and then we die. Tarot also contains cycles, with the Major Arcana describing The Fool's Journey from creation to reunion with the world. Each Minor Arcana describes the cycles of the seasons, and the feelings we get from being inside those cycles.

Circles delineate space in many spiritual practices. Circles are a sacred symbol that remind us that we are all connected and that there really is no end and no beginning, that everything flows into each other from one step to the next. Circles are used to protect us as we make magic and do divination. 

Many tarot readers enjoy using round tarot decks because their shape gives the images more flexibility. Traditional square tarots with their four corners can feel rigid and inflexible. Round cards, then, provide a creative solution for a wider range of meanings than a binary meaning. 

Included in the Deck: Contains 78 circular cards, plus a small instruction booklet. 

Size of Cards: Roughly 110 mm (nearly 4.5 inches) in diameter.

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