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Belvoir's Promise - The Savernake Novels 1

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Belvoir's Promise - The Savernake Novels 1

A huge forest. A young nobleman. And death stalks them both....
The date is 1191
Aumary Belvoir is seventeen.
Seventeen, and bound by an oath so holy, he dare not break it.

Unexpectedly thrust into the position of the Warden of the Savernake; a woodland of one hundred and fifty square miles in Wiltshire, will Aumary succeed in stamping his authority on the forest?
He has also acquired a half brother he did not know he had.
With the help of his experienced staff and his willing family, things go well.
The surprise brother, Robert proves a worthy assistant.
Then the deaths begin. Are they accidents as they seem or is there something more sinister happening in the forest?
Seventy year old Aumary is dictating his story to a scribe. He can no longer write for himself and wishes to set down for all time, the truth of two mysteries; the death of Arthur Duke of Brittany, King John's nephew and rival, and other more disturbing deaths closer to home.
Aumary Belvoir sets off to uncover a plot so dastardly and deadly, so patient and well planned that it takes thirteen years to lay bare.

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