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Alien Experiences

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Alien Experiences



25 Cases of Close Encounter Never Experienced Before Revealed

By Barbara Lamb & Nadine Lalich

This book discusses the highly controversial subject of alien contact and abduction, recounting 25 cases of close encounter. The cases in this book have been selected from the files of psychotherapist, Barbara Lamb, who has been working with abductees since 1991.

These are ordinary men and women living  average, responsible lives who have been subjected to extremely unusual events. These individuals display such a compelling sincerity and marked emotional response to their strange experiences there can be no doubt that they have experienced some kind of extraordinary event.

As a reader, you may be curious about the subject, or you may be a confirmed sceptic. You may also be someone who is investigating unusual occurrences in your own life. Whatever the case may be, if with an open mind you will simply consider the possibilities inferred by the cases described herein, you might find yourself on the road to a greater vision of reality.

Type: Paperback

Size: 22.5cm x 15cm x 1.2cm

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