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Bach Exam Concentration Spray

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Bach exam remedy sprayA review by Trudy. 

As someone who personally struggles with exam anxiety - you know the kind; nausea, sweaty palms, worrying you'll forget everything - I bought this product on a whim, having tried many other methods to help calm the nerves before. 

No matter how many times I (and others around me) told myself "You can do this" & "it'll be fine" I still couldn't calm down. I felt sick for days before an exam just at the thought of going through it. 

So, I was working one day, and this Exam Concentration spray came in with our Bach remedies order & I just thought "what could it hurt?" (and at just £7.90 it's not a huge investment if it doesn't work)

Well....let me tell you - it works! 

You can use as much or as little as you like - it is made using natural flower remedies (which are listed below) - but having used it a couple of times now, I tend to find that 2 sprays around 10 minutes before the exam starts is enough to get me through. 

When you look at what flowers are used, you can certainly see how they could help when combined together:

  • Clematis (for dreamers & those who may be absent minded)
  • Elm (for those who feel easily overwhelmed)
  • Gentian (for those who are easily discouraged)
  • Larch (for those who have a lack of confidence)
  • White Chesnut (for those who suffer with mental congestion) 

This spray is made using the original Bach Flower combination & also includes a base of water and Cognac - just as all the flower remedies do.

Now, please bare in mind that the exam I use this for is a 3 hour physical exam, so once i'm lined up and in the zone of focussing on breathing & listening to what I need to be doing etc. it could be that the nerves naturally fade away because my mind needs to focus on what i'm being told. I am in no way saying that it will have the same effect on someone participating in a written exam with no other sounds or distractions around them. 

However, for me, this Exam spray does what it says on the label - by helping me concentrate on what I need to do in the exam, rather than on how nervous I am. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on this product by popping a comment in below, and if you've used it - did it help?  

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