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Parting The Veil: How to Communiate with the Spirit World.

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Parting the Veil book cover

Written by Stuart and Dean James-Foy.

Reviewed by Jane Easton.

This book won a gold award for best psychic book of 2018 by an esteemed panel and all are well respected in the spirit world community, including Tony Stockwell. He has a long established credibility as one of the top intuitive Mediums. He says:'This is a very comprehensive, in-depth reference book covering lots of aspects of psychic and mediumship development and awareness. It comes from the heart.'

Communicating beyond the veil

Many thousands of years have passed but when it comes to those who have passed on before us, the questions still remain: where do they go, will they watch over me, can I speak to them? There is still an ongoing fascination, but talented and respected mediums have been able to part the veil that separates the living from the departed. Some of us will have  witnessed their skills privately or in a Spiritual Church perhaps. We look to them to deliver messages of hope, maybe advice but always the peace of mind it can bring. Do you have sixth sense ability or maybe have considered that you too, with guidance can communicate beyond the veil?

I found this book dead easy to follow, everything is very well explained and once you have read it cover to cover, as advised you are ready to safely try your communication skills with the spirit world. Your individual psychic gifts/ability will develop and you will also find that as your confidence grows so too will the accuracy of your readings, whether one to one or to a wider audience.

Reassurance from the next world

It follows that after death, many people tend to visit mediums to find out if their loved ones have made it safely to the next world. A good medium will give them this proof and reassurance.

Having met both Stuart and Dean on several occasions I can truthfully inform any interested member of the public, that they are in my personal opinion delightfully approachable, compassionate, kind, funny and really do have the gift.

Buy this book and entertain thoughts of life with your loved ones, this Halloween season, as the veil begins to thin.

Samhain Blessings to you all,



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